A payroll software centered around our payroll service providers. 

  • Your Foundation

    CyberPay empowers your business with the tools and resources you need to be successful in the payroll industry. 

  • Our Support - Your Success

    We support you in your ongoing use of the software. Our team will walk you through every step of the process - free of charge. 

  • Solutions without Complexity

    CyberPay is equipped to handle the most complex payrolls, yet easy to navigate and always user-friendly.

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Our Core Product

CyberPay, our core product, is truly suited for your busy life. It provides the simple and versatile solutions your business can count on, as each fine-tuned capability and integration is a product of decades of industry expertise. Our team of experienced developers has carefully engineered a software that provides quick, easy, streamlined solutions, giving our clients precisely what they need when they need it. Gone are the days spent wrestling with software errors and inefficiencies; CyberPay provides the dynamic solutions your business demands.

Revenue-Generating Solutions

CyberPay boasts numerous revenue-generating integrations such as timekeeping, ACA compliance, employee onboarding, benefits management, QuickBook integration, and our CyberTax integration. Other great timesaving features include tax impounding, client billing options, third-party payment options, direct deposit, and much more. CyberPay is equipped to handle the most complex payrolls, yet it is easy to navigate and always user-friendly. These components cause CyberPay to stand out as the premium payroll software for payroll service providers.

The best part? CyberPay adapts to the needs of your business - rather than the other way around. Instead of changing your business to fit the software, our software integrations and applications are uniquely developed to fit your needs. No headaches. No errors. No worries.

User Experience

CyberPay is uniquely designed with the user in mind. After decades of fine-tuning our product, we've created a simple, sleek interface.

Key Features

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Intuitive menu and interior layout
  • Detailed user permissions
online payroll software for payroll service providers
payroll service provider software

Adaptable Options

We don't put your business into a box, but rather let our software work for you. Our software comes with many versatile options. 

Key Features

  • Bureaus can choose to sweep taxes, fees, net pay, and/or agency payments as desired per company

  • Provides a flexible billing system

  • Offers flexible EE and ER tax, EE and ER benefits, pay type, and PTO accrual setup

  • Allows bureaus end employers to have multiple bank accounts

Payroll Software

CyberPay is streamlining payroll with dependable, adaptable solutions. 


  • Pay Cards – Partnership with SOLE Financial to provide pay cards to unbanked employees
  • 'After the Fact Payroll' – Enter payroll on monthly, quarterly, or other basis in order to manage taxes for employers
  • Positive Pay – Many banks are already programmed and ready for use; bureaus can build their own Positive Pay system

Advanced Payroll Features

  • Unlimited EE net pay direct deposit rules
  • Many GL exports including QuickBooks, Sage, Intacct.
  • Customizable (design your own) GL export
  • Payroll holds
  • Certified payroll
  • Net to gross (gross-up) tool
  • Ability to edit and save employee pay information including EE and ER benefits, EE and ER Taxes, and PTO accruals

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payroll software for payroll providers

Tax Payments

We make tax payments simple and accessible.

Key Features

  • Tax payments can be made by check, EFT credit, EFT debit, EFT credits will go through the ACH processor. EFT debit files must be uploaded to the agency’s website or software, and checks must be mailed. 
  • Auxiliary Tax System – Used for work location-based taxes such as Ohio local taxes for construction labor. This system allows users to enter their hours-per-tax.

Benefits, Timekeeping, and HR Capabilities

The solutions don't stop at payroll. CyberPay also functions as a benefits management, timekeeping, and HR payroll software for service providers. 

Key Features

  • Retirement Plan Exports – Many vendors programmed and ready for use. In addition, bureaus can build their own retirement plans. 
  • Ability to combine and manage multiple benefits (EE and ER) with the same federal limits
  • Household Employer Package
  • PEO Package
  • Timeclock import capability
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CyberPay provides detailed reports for payroll service providers and employers. 

Key Features

  • Bureau (cross-company) reports and exports
  • Hundreds of employer/company reports and exports
  • Restaurants – Create 8027 report and automatically manage tip shortfall  

CP Integrations

Explore the many integrations of CyberPay.

Key Features

  • PAi retirement
  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation
  • Intercept and Cachet ACH Processors
  • QuickBooks and general ledger export files for accounting software
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Software Implementation & Training

Part of empowering your business to be successful with our software is providing comprehensive training sessions.

  • Our implementation team helps bureaus transition onto our software and convert clients as needed.


  • Free
  • Partner webinars

Other Advanced Features

  • Bureau Account reconciliation
  • ACH Processing - Bureaus partner with an ACH processor or bank to process files. This method offers more flexibility and freedom of choice. CyberPay allows multiple processors to be used. 

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What Our Clients Say

Payroll Service Provider

We have derived great benefit from the growth and adaptation of your CyberPay products. CyberPay, Inc. has done a terrific job identifying industry trends and supplying the appropriate products to meet our client's needs. We appreciate the exemplary service you and your team provide. Your service allows us to grow our client base, secure in the knowledge we can address any software needs that arise. We look forward to many more years as a satisfied CyberPay user. 

Payroll Service Provider

I have been processing payroll for clients since 1990. I used two other payroll softwares before partnering with CyberPay, Inc. in 2004. Compared to the others, this is far better. I am constantly getting calls from other software providers but quickly tell them I am satisfied and would not consider a change. Support is better than any other software I use. Keep up the good work!

Payroll Service Provider

Chris spent a great deal of time setting up a demo company with me and then walking me through how to give a successful demo to my prospects. Her time was invaluable! Thanks so much for the support!

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