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Adaptable software. Dependable results. Powerful solutions. 

  • Adaptable

    Our software adapts to the needs of your business—not the other way around

  • Dependable

    No more headaches, just reliable payroll solutions

  • Support

    Offering unlimited 24/7 technical support—free of charge!

  • Experience

    With 21 years of industry experience, we're no amateur

Versatile. Reliable. Empowered.

Our services are nothing if not adaptable to your needs. We’re not here to put you in a box – but rather give you the freedom to let our software work for you. After all, that’s what we’re all about – empowering and equipping our people to get the results they want.

Your Foundation for Success

CyberPay, Inc. is here for our people. We are the foundation your business needs to succeed in the payroll industry. We are here to support you in your ongoing use of our software, and our unlimited technical support, free of charge, is a testament of our commitment to your success.

Eliminate the Headaches 

We eliminate the headaches induced by payroll inefficiencies and replace them with confidence. The time previously spent wrestling with software errors can now be redirected to focusing solely on your business.

CyberPay – Payroll Service Bureau Software

Suited for your busy life, our core product provides the simple, reliable solutions your business can count on. Each fine-tuned capability and integration is a product of decades of research and experience. We’ve engineered a payroll service bureau software that’s quicker, streamlined, and more accessible, placing ease of use and technical support at the forefront of the customer experience.

A few of our unique revenue generating integrations and features include:

  • Timekeeping
  • HR Management Integration
  • Benefits Management
  • ACA Compliance
  • Reporting: Hundreds of Employer/Company Reports and Exports
  • Flexible ACH Processing (multiple processors allowed)
  • CyberTax Included

CyberPay is equipped to handle the most complex payrolls, yet easy to navigate and always user-friendly.

CyberPay Online Phoenix 

CyberPay Online Phoenix is revolutionizing payroll software. A robust cloud-based application, CPO Phoenix provides the resources needed to interface with the payroll service provider and streamline payroll processing. Payroll providers are able to manage all online companies on a single platform, while employees can access their information through a self-service portal.

CPO Phoenix offers several comprehensive integrations and features, including:

  • Timekeeping
  • Paperless Benefits Management
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Comprehensive HR Support Center.

Complete with a fresh, intuitive interface, CPO Phoenix is carefully developed with the user in mind.

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CyberPay Integrations and Applications 

Comprehensive, time-saving integrations included in the CyberPay suite. 

  • CyberTax

    CyberTax functions as an integrated part of our core product, CyberPay. Rather than tediously set up interfaces between systems or deal with importing or exporting data, the CyberTax integration seamlessly meets your needs—all in one place.

  • Single Sign-On

    Save valuable time and money with the CPO Phoenix Single Sign-on integration. A time-saving authentication process, Single Sign-on allows CPO Phoenix users to access multiple applications at once. Gone are the days when users waited for synchronization; Single Sign-on houses HR and payroll data in a common, secure SQL database in the cloud. This means data changes happen in real-time.


Meet Our Team

Connie Martin
Connie Martin
President & CEO
Connie Martin, President & CEO, has been with CyberPay, Inc. for over three years. Connie has nearly a decade of experience in the payroll industry. She is incredibly proud to be a part of the CyberPay team!

When she's not running the company, you might find Connie sharpening her photography skills. She enjoys capturing unique and compelling images through her lenses! Connie also enjoys bicycle riding among many other outdoor activities.

Fun Fact: Connie is an Advanced PADI Certified Scuba Diver!

Favorite Quote:  "Having problems is a sign you are alive.  Your goal in life should be to have a higher quality of problems."

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Nicki- software for payroll service providers
Nicki Gunter
Chief Financial Officer
Nicki graduated from Manchester College in 2000 with her Master's Degree in Accounting. She joined the CyberPay, Inc. one year ago as the Chief Financial Officer.

Soccer Mom 

When Nicki isn't overseeing company finances, you may find her spending time with family, gardening, and antiquing! She also does volunteer work with for non-profits and spends time serving children and people with disabilities.

Fun Facts: Nicki is a self-proclaimed soccer mom!

Favorite Quote: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." - Mother Theresa

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Shannon- payroll service bureau software reviewsShannon Kopka
Senior Tech Support 

Shannon received his Associate's Degree in Computer Programming Technology from Vincennes University. He has been serving as a Technical Support Specialist at CyberPay for the last 12 years. 

Biker Dude 

When he's not helping clients with their software needs, Shannon is an avid motorcyclist, or as we like to call him, "Biker Dude."  He spends his free time enjoying the open highway and practicing his biker slang. 

Fun Fact: If Shannon could be any cartoon character, he would be Bugs Bunny because "he never takes anything too seriously."

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What Our Clients Say

Payroll Service Provider

We have derived great benefit from the growth and adaptation of your CyberPay products. CyberPay, Inc. has done a terrific job identifying industry trends and supplying the appropriate products to meet our client's needs. We appreciate the exemplary service you and your team provide. Your service allows us to grow our client base, secure in the knowledge we can address any software needs that arise. We look forward to many more years as a satisfied CyberPay user. 

Payroll Service Provider

I have been processing payroll for clients since 1990. I used two other payroll softwares before partnering with CyberPay, Inc. in 2004. Compared to the others, this is far better. I am constantly getting calls from other software providers but quickly tell them I am satisfied and would not consider a change. Support is better than any other software I use. Keep up the good work!

Payroll Service Provider

Chris spent a great deal of time setting up a demo company with me and then walking me through how to give a successful demo to my prospects. Her time was invaluable! Thanks so much for the support!

News and Current Events

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