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CyberPay is an extensive payroll processing and HR software for payroll service bureaus, accounting firms, and payroll experts who value automated workflows, bulk processing, customizable solutions, and premiere support to fuel growth.

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CyberPay provides:

Payroll software for high-volume processing

Comprehensive tax engine for tax filing

Customizable HR solutions for employers & employees

Dynamic online tools and ancillary services

Premiere support from an experienced team

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CyberPay Payroll Software

CyberPay is our core product – a robust, yet intuitive payroll processing solution…all at an affordable price. Founded in 1996, CyberPay has evolved alongside technological and industry advances. CyberPay is a desktop/server-based software installed at your location (on-premise) or on a hosted server platform, giving you complete control and customization over your data and workflow. CyberPay can function as a hybrid model as well, with real-time integration to our cloud-based platform, CyberPay Online. CyberPay is the engine for your payroll process and operations.


CyberTax is used in tandem with CyberPay to manage withholding and employer payroll tax tables, rates, and limits. Paper forms and e-filing layouts are available for federal, all 50 states, and several localities. Employer copies of tax forms can be uploaded to the employer’s portal on CyberPay Online, and employee forms (W-2, 1099, ACA) can be uploaded to the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. Tax payments (including ACH credit & debit, EFTPS, and checks) created in the CyberPay software are reflected on the appropriate tax forms\files in CyberTax.

CyberPay Online

CyberPay Online is a cloud-based online solution that puts payroll processing and HR solutions on an accessible application. CyberPay Online can serve as a client-facing & employee self-service platform with real-time updates to CyberPay. With comprehensive features, including timekeeping, employee onboarding, HR management and support, and benefit enrollment, CyberPay Online is an impressive value-add to offer your clients.

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