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HR management integrates into payroll with CyberHR – a user-friendly, intuitive application in CyberPay Online. Payroll and HR tasks often overlap, so keeping this information all in one spot ensures accurate, real-time updates. This cohesiveness simplifies payroll while giving clients robust organizational management. Offering this comprehensive platform in CyberPay Online gives you a competitive advantage that makes sense and brings value to clients.

HR Solutions

CyberHR Features:

Wage Management: offers a convenient way to manage pay rates for one or more employees

Asset Management: track physical assets assigned to employees

Certification Management: manage employee certifications, registrations, CEU’s and more using this tool.

Performance Reviews: enter performance reviews, discipline notes, promotional details, and more with this customizable organizational tool for employers and employees

Document Manager: allows uploads and storage of HR-related documents on the application

More Features

More CyberHR Features

Languages: indicate language fluency and proficiency with this utility

Skills: used for job-related skillset tracking related to certifications or non-accredited skills

OSHA Incidents: document work accidents, injuries and OSHA-related incidents

Reports: commonly used built-in reports with customizable data filters and exports

Notifications: used to send reminders when HR items are due or expiring

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