Marketing Your Payroll Services

Utilize tools and materials provided by CyberPay, Inc. to leverage your brand message and reach your target audience!

  • Retain Customers

    Proper marketing materials can help your business continue to retain your current customers.

  • Attract New Prospects

    Grow and cultivate your client base with compelling marketing and messaging strategies! 

  • Grow Your Business!

    Our marketing tools help your business thrive in the payroll industry. 

Strategy Counts

We're all about empowering and equipping your business with the tools to succeed in the industry. Developing a marketing strategy and providing resources for you to better market your business is a huge part of that. We're here to help.

CyberPay, Inc. offers free marketing materials such as flyers, mailers, and content. This assists our payroll service software users in retaining customers and growing their business by leveraging CyberPay software as a key feature in your company's marketing strategy. These tools will allow your business to communicate your top messaging points to your target audience in a creative, compelling way. Additionally, we have industry marketing experts present on topics vital to sustaining your business via live webinars and presentations at our yearly CyberPay Users Group Conference. 

There's no reason to wait; take your marketing strategy to a new level today. 

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What Our Clients Say

Payroll Service Provider

We have derived great benefit from the growth and adaptation of your CyberPay products. CyberPay, Inc. has done a terrific job identifying industry trends and supplying the appropriate products to meet our client's needs. We appreciate the exemplary service you and your team provide. Your service allows us to grow our client base, secure in the knowledge we can address any software needs that arise. We look forward to many more years as a satisfied CyberPay user. 

Payroll Service Provider

I have been processing payroll for clients since 1990. I used two other payroll softwares before partnering with CyberPay, Inc. in 2004. Compared to the others, this is far better. I am constantly getting calls from other software providers but quickly tell them I am satisfied and would not consider a change. Support is better than any other software I use. Keep up the good work!

Payroll Service Provider

Chris spent a great deal of time setting up a demo company with me and then walking me through how to give a successful demo to my prospects. Her time was invaluable! Thanks so much for the support!

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