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CyberPay offers key partnerships with payroll industry leaders to give you the competitive edge.

payroll software for payroll service providers


SwipeClock is the leading provider of cloud-based timekeeping solutions for labor time & attendance management and scheduling. Our workforce management products simplify payroll time tracking for more than 26,000 businesses and over 900,000 employees in a wide range of industries. Best-in-class support, training, and products for SwipeClock’s network of resellers provide businesses with solutions that are robust and cost-effective.

CyberPay's Online Phoenix is integrated with SwipeClock to deliver a better workforce management experience for customers. Highlights include:

  • automatic employee synch for new employee info, updates, and deactivations from Phoenix to SwipeClock,employer single sign-on (one login for payroll and timekeeping),
  • employee single sign-on (employees log into a single portal), and
  • automated payroll data transfer of payroll data from SwipeClock to CyberPay Online Phoenix for processing.


payrollCopilot- service bureau software


CyberPay, Inc. has partnered with PAi to offer an integrated 401(k) retirement solution that makes understanding the retirement journey easier. With CoPilot, retirement isn’t about money, it’s about time.

Years of Retirement ditches the complex charts and calculations and translates your dollars into how many years you can afford to be retired.

Stay in the Know with events-based messaging. You will get professional advice and see how day-to-day decisions affect your retirement health.

Professionally Managed Models consist of diversified portfolios designed to simplify investment options.

PAi has helped people successfully save for retirement, for more than 30 years, by providing recordkeeping and administration services.

Through strong partnerships, PAi empowers a strong savings society and together builds a world where workers are able to own their retirement readiness.

800.236.7400 x3490

Gethired- software for payroll service providers

GetHired powers CyberPay’s applicant tracking and onboarding platform. GetHired’s easy to use hiring technology allows employers to post jobs to multiple job boards with one click, review applicants using video and audio, automatically schedule interviews, and electronically manage the onboarding process. GetHired is used by more than 50,000 employers across North America.

Electronic Onboarding:

  • Background Checks
  • Offer Letter
  • W 4/Tax Forms
  • Personal Information – address, emergency contact, phone, etc.
  • I-9 Verification and Eligibility Documents – driver's license, passport, etc.
  • Payroll Information – bank routing, account number, etc.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Information
  • Customizable Packets – employee handbooks, disclosures, health benefit packets, etc.
  • WOTC

Recruiting Features:

  • Job Posting Integration – one click posts to multiple job and social media sites
  • Searchable Resume Database
  • Video and Audio Screening
  • Candidate Rating System

888.320.4456 x2

Cachet- payroll service bureau software reviews

Cachet Financial Services

Cachet Financial Services provides ACH processing for payroll related electronic transactions such as direct deposits, tax payments, garnishment payments, benefits payments and fee collections. Supporting payroll service bureaus, PEOs, ASOs, and mid-market to large corporate employers, Cachet provides electronic payments for approximately 85,000 employers nationwide, processing over 95 billion dollars annually.


HR Answer Link- payroll provider software


More than 700 business service providers and over 70,000 organizations nationwide rely on HRAnswerLink to help manage their HR compliance and employee management issues.

We offer a fully branded HR portal, 1-on-1 HR consultations for your clients, training and support, and more.

Visit to discover how we can help grow your business.


The Hart Ford- best payroll software for payroll service providers

The Hartford

CyberPay, Inc. selected The Hartford as a preferred partner to offer an integrated pay-as-you-go workers' comp billing solution called XactPay. Through this program, clients can pay their workers' compensation coverage as their payroll is processed giving them better control over their cash flow.


Integration with CyberPay payroll service software allowing business owners to pay their workers' compensation premium based on actual payroll each time their payroll is run.

The Hartford's workers' compensation coverage - a market for over 100 years - provides statutorily required business coverage for work-related injuries including rehab and lost wages.

Value beyond the policy - Through special arrangements with Shoes for Crews, The Naturally Slim Program, Herman Miller and Aurico customers of The Hartford could receive significant discounts on these products and services which can help improve the health of their businesses and the safety and well-being of employees.


Poster Elite- payroll service software


PosterElite provides private-labeled compliance solutions to the Payroll, HR, PEO, Insurance, & Benefits industries. In the face of rapidly changing Federal, State, County and City compliance requirements, it is imperative that your customers have access to a comprehensive, year-round solution that complements and supplements your HCM menu.

Services and programs include:

  • Private Labeled Labor Law Posters with no minimums and industry-best pricing
  • Pay-As-You-Go Update Services that provide year-round labor law compliance
  • $25,000 Guarantee Against Fines for subscribers to an Update Service
  • Branded eCommerce Stores for providing OSHA, Safety, Sexual Harassment, Industry-specific Compliance solutions to your customers
  • Free Poster Program: Turn-key roll-out strategy for effectively converting your existing customers onto a Pay-As-You-Go Update Service.
  • Appointment Setting Program: Learn to use the labor law poster as a simple incentive to book more payroll appointments for your sales team.
  • Lead Generation Program: Strengthen your existing referral partnerships and create new partnerships using PosterElite’s Acquisition Marketing Tool Kit. Turn your referrals into sales leads with PosterElite’s Referral Partner Support Package.


SOLE- payroll bureau software


Our mission at SOLE Financial is to serve the underserved by providing quality financial tools and education for individual empowerment. The SOLE Visa Payroll card allows un- and underbanked cardholders instant and free access to their hard-earned pay, while eliminating the expensive and time-consuming shackles of a paper payroll check for employees and employers alike. Did you know the average unbanked employee spends $256 annually just to access their pay and pay their bills?


  • Robust client support team
  • Cost & time savings
  • Secure processing


  • No cost purchases & cashback
  • One customized ePix card at no cost
  • Using the card for any direct deposits
  • Quality assured bilingual customer support
  • Mobile app and online account access
  • Pay bills online and over the phone




Kotapay, formerly InterceptEFT, makes direct deposit payroll processing quick, efficient and secure. Processing payroll through multiple banks can be confusing, time-consuming and more likely to have errors. Processing with Kotapay eliminates those challenges, allowing you more time to run your business.

Kotapay offers:

  • Late cut-off times (10pm CST)
  • Special pricing for CyberPay, Inc. customers
  • Improved efficiencies by using one processor


AP Intego- online payroll software for payroll service providers

AP Intego

AP Intego is a national insurance brokerage focused on serving the small business owner's insurance needs by offering a wide range of products from a blue chip list of “A” rated insurance companies.

We combine the right product and coverage for your business with an innovative "pay as you go" payment option to create a truly unique offering.


Symmetry- payroll service provider software

Symmetry Software

Symmetry Software specializes in payroll and payroll-related software applications for large employers and payroll providers. Our flagship website, provides free paycheck calculators. Users can private label their own payroll modeling calculators through Calculators by Symmetry.

The Symmetry Tax Engine is embedded in payroll software to calculate Federal, State, and Local withholding taxes. Our Symmetry Payroll Forms allows employees to prepare federal and state withholding certificates electronically. service helps determine what taxes should be set up and what rates apply based on an employee's home and work address.


Quarterly Express- cloud payroll software for service providers

Lewis Software Associates, LLC

Who are we?

We are a software consulting firm who has specialized in e-file of business tax returns over the past 17 years. Our company has operated as an authorized ERO and Transmitter for the IRS since 2000 and are the only provider to satisfy all of the reporting agent options detailed in the IRS publication 3823.

Over the years, we have processed successfully hundreds of thousands of payroll tax returns and have provided e-file capability for multiple Fortune 500 companies. We currently have interfaces to 5 of the largest Service Bureau software products.

Our Quarterly Express Plus Software now supports for e-file all 94x (940/941/943/944/945) payroll returns, excise returns (720/2290/8849), State Payroll (NYS-1/NYS-45 including import from Mag media formats) using FSET, and ACA Returns (1094B, 1094C, 1095B and 1095C).


PMP- payroll software for service bureaus

Print Management Partners

Our nine-person PMP service team is 100% dedicated to making sure you have the products you need when you need them. That is why we have over 300 payroll services with whom we have done business for more than 15 years and why we hope to still be doing business with your company in 2030. Our #1 goal is to help you get new clients. Our printed marketing materials will demand attention and make you look good. And please be sure to stop by our display and ask about our program that allows you to receive free W-2 envelopes or free pressure seal W-2's.


Employee Navigator- hris payroll software for service providers

Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator is one of the fastest growing SaaS-based benefits and HR platforms in the United States. The platform provides brokers and their clients with a single place to manage everything from new hire onboarding and online enrollments to ACA Reporting and integrated payroll.

Employee Navigator’s highly customizable software is currently being used by some of the nation’s leading insurance brokers, TPA’s and carriers.


Nelco- software for payroll service bureaus


CyberPay, Inc. partners with Nelco to provide service bureau users with access to a secure 1095 e-file service. Nelco’s Web Reporting Center launches from CyberPay allowing users to quickly and efficiently file forms 1095-B and 1095-C directly to the IRS. Nelco provides recipient print and mail fulfillment and PDFs are generated for electronic recipient delivery.

Nelco is also the authorized provider of W-2, 1099 and 1095 forms for CyberPay as well as business checks and envelopes.


Cyber Enroll- online payroll software for service bureaus


CyberEnroll. Easier, Smarter Benefit Enrollment... for Everyone.

We've all struggled with benefit enrollment. Whether it's tedious paper packets, chasing down employees and documentation, or frequent human error, the headache continues across the organization. Problem... solved!

SMART CyberEnroll is completely online, mistake proof benefit enrollment that offers powerful information for employers.

CUSTOMIZABLE Use CyberEnroll’s standard workflow or customize to meet your company’s specific needs

COMPLETE Your complete benefit package, offered to your employees with a simple click of a button!


E-Comp- payroll tax software for service bureaus


E-COMP is the national pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation program. When you partner with E-COMP, we become your company's professional and knowledgeable insurance division. We can help you compete with ADP and Paychex. E-COMP provides a simple lead submission, access to many "A" rated insurance companies, dedicated placement and service teams for your sales reps and clients, 24-hour turnaround on quotes, and a simple payroll file submission process. Keep your focus on payroll sales and we'll take care of the rest.


PTM- hr payroll software for service providers

Payroll Tax Management

Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM) offers a unique approach to payroll tax processing for independent payroll providers. Innovative systems and services provide companies with the ability to increase revenue and strategic focus by giving them several options not formerly available to those who outsource their payroll taxes.

PTM provides payroll tax expertise and compliance with over 11,000 tax agencies, stellar customer service, competitive rates and fees, a multi-million dollar crime bond, SSAE 16 audits and scalable technology. Our tax systems offer clients ease of use and logical solutions to the hassles of payroll tax processing.

As innovators in the payroll tax industry since 1969, we continue to develop new methods of processing payroll taxes by introducing automation concepts and customization options never before seen in the marketplace.


What Our Clients Say

Payroll Service Provider

We have derived great benefit from the growth and adaptation of your CyberPay products. CyberPay, Inc. has done a terrific job identifying industry trends and supplying the appropriate products to meet our client's needs. We appreciate the exemplary service you and your team provide. Your service allows us to grow our client base, secure in the knowledge we can address any software needs that arise. We look forward to many more years as a satisfied CyberPay user. 

Payroll Service Provider

I have been processing payroll for clients since 1990. I used two other payroll softwares before partnering with CyberPay, Inc. in 2004. Compared to the others, this is far better. I am constantly getting calls from other software providers but quickly tell them I am satisfied and would not consider a change. Support is better than any other software I use. Keep up the good work!

Payroll Service Provider

Chris spent a great deal of time setting up a demo company with me and then walking me through how to give a successful demo to my prospects. Her time was invaluable! Thanks so much for the support!

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